Eleanor Roosevelt once said: “Do what you feel in your heart to be right — for you’ll be criticized anyway.” ❤️


Don’t feel guilty for having fun! ❤️

Having a Chronic Illness/Disability is NOT a Free Holiday!!😡

“You don’t work? Must be nice”… “I wish I could take a nap whenever I want”…

You know what?! I wish I could get frustrated while in traffic. I wish a nap was a luxury and not a need when my body shuts down and I have no choice but to sleep. 

My hope is one day, the world will be more educated on invisible illnesses and realize we don’t have to look like the hell we go through. 

This has not been a fun summer for me! 

I believe this is hottest summer Colorado has had because, last summer, I did not suffer this bad!! Surprisingly enough, I get joy when it’s cloudy with some rain. I feel my body calms down. Don’t get me, that clouds and rain does bring pain, but not as bad as hot, try sunny 90 degree weather! Fall, I’m waiting on you!!!

I take opioids and I’m not an addict! 

This is such a good article! It really angers me when people like me, who takes opioids are generalized as addicts! When you suffer from a chronic illness, Tylenol and ibuprofen doesn’t help the awful pain we experience – therefore, opioids are needed! 


It’s OK to be selfish – You have Fibromyalgia! 

It’s coming up on my 2 year diagnosis anniversary, and I’ve been doing some reflecting, particularly about my social life. I’ve come to the conclusion that fibromyalgia has given me RIGHT to become selfish and it’s totally OK. 

You see, living with a chronic illness requires a person to listen to their body instead of your body listening to you. If I planned to have lunch or dinner with friends and my body decides to break down and lose energy, I have to cancel my plans because, if I force my body to do something, it gets overwhelmed and I’m in the red zone for a flare or a possible trip to the ER! 

Sacrificing your body for pleasing society’s norms, most times, will not be a good day. So what should you do? Of course have fun, but realize your limits. If your body says “NO”, listen! 

It took me a while and still is, to be ok with cancelling plans. Thank God I have friends that understand. I thank God even more for my husband who understands. Who doesn’t want to have fun with their spouse?! 

I just want everyone with a chronic illness to know, you have a legit reason to be selfish and not have to feel sorry for being so. Think about it, what’s more important? Your health or the disappointment of a friend that could get over being disappointed? You can’t get over being sick! So take those “sick days” rather you work or stay at home – take care of YOU! There will never be another you, so make sure you do the best to take care of yourself. 💜

Tiger Balm to the Rescue! 

I use a ton of different topical creams, including CBD and THC creams to rub my joints with. This past weekend, I decided to try out Tiger Balm. Man! It sure does help! Be aware, it does make you sleepy (or at least me). I highly recommend it. I rub it on my head to if I had a bad headache! 

Good article about temperature sensitivity! 

I’m not sure what’s worse, winter or summer… Eh, I’ll go with summer! My hands, knees and feet swell pretty bad. When the temperature is between 90 and 100 degrees, I tend to flare up pretty bad! 

This article gives some pretty good advice on how to deal with temperature sensitivity. I’m going to start soaking my feet in cool water! 


Late night rant…

I appreciate people who notice their symptoms and ask questions on tumblr (or in general) on how to approach their doctor with further testing.
What I do not appreciate is someone who looks up symptoms and refuse testing from a doctor and go around saying they have a chronic illness!! 
It’s a slap in the face to people like me who actually went through testing feeling like a Guinea pig, getting poked and pushed in and out of MRI and X-ray machines! 
Trust me, you don’t want this shit!